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A New Direction

By UrNm LP - Posted Nov 19, 16

As the popularity of Call of Duty has declined in recent years Alan and myself have noticed the clan division of FUF growing increasingly less active. Without Clan Wars and Clan Ops managing a clan has felt increasingly pointless and time consuming. We no longer have the passion for Call of Duty that we once had and we know many FUF members feel the same way. It is for these reasons we decided to disband the CoD clan division of Fearless Under Fire. The organization will continue, however we will transition to becoming a more generalized gaming team. Our attention will shift to creating content on YouTube, streaming on Twitch, and hosting tournaments for the gaming community to enjoy as a whole. 

We understand that some of our members may feel upset and confused by this announcement, to who we apologize and ask for understanding. This decision was not made abruptly, but only after months of careful consideration. We will be posting a thread in the forum to answer any questions our members may have and determine who will be staying with us in the new roles we will be offering.