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We are thrilled to announce recruitment is now open for Call of Duty Black Ops 3! If you're tired of playing alone, your current clan doesn't match your skill level, or you are just looking for some cool people to hang out with on BO3, FUF could be the place for you. 

To join our growing family please click the 'apply' tab to send in an application; trials begin November 6th.  We hope you'll join us! 

Former Clan Wars developer Felix Gallo recently revealed on Twitter that FUF set the third highest combined CP (Capture Points) total in Advanced Warfare. This feat is truly impressive when you consider the thousands of clans that competed in Diamond Division throughout the course of the year.

It has yet to be officially announced if Clan Wars will be returning for Black Ops 3. 

FUF Brosso Lets gooo, Shout out to all the members who competed ...
L9 Prexxy I wish i would have been there to help throughout the year and joined earlier than when i did, but it makes me even more ...

On Twitter we recently unveiled our 2015-2016 Team FUF jersey design, featuring a clean new look with our sponsors listed on the back. In order to bring the design into production we need your help to reduce the cost of having printing files professionally mastered. If you would like to purchase a jersey post in the forum, once we know how many are committed to buying one we can provide an accurate price estimate. 

FUF Mikoto These look to nice !!!!

Battle Beaver Customs is the first MLG / UMG / UGC and all other major LAN host that offers increased thumbstick tension along with rear buttons and trigger stops. An Authentic Battle Beaver Controller is the most ergonomically comfortable controller on the market with tested precision enhancements to improve your accuracy and response time. All modifications from rear buttons and triggerstops, to smart triggers and increased thumbstick tension are custom tailored to your individual gaming style. Mix and match colors, and performance options to create a one of a kind custom controller to help you close the gap between you and your enemy. 

How to order your own FUF Battle Beaver Controller: 

1. Visit www.battlebeavercustoms.com 

2. Click "Build Your Own"

3. Configure your controller using the customization options. Once you get to the "GUIDE BUTTON" section scroll down and under the "Battle Beaver Teams" find our logo and click it. This will add the FUF logo on your guide button.

4. Finish the process and at checkout remember to use "FUF5" as a code for 5% off. 

FUF Brosso ^ FUF Love. lol